After a Pure English Degree from University College Dublin, Aileen trained as an actress at the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. An MA in Radio Production and Broadcasting from Goldsmiths, University of London, followed. She says: "By then I realised just how much I love doing voice work and what a finely tuned instrument the voice can be, capable of evoking all sorts of emotions and ideas by the subtlest change of tone and pace".

Her versatility and experience extends to work in all voiceover fields, from commercials, documentaries and audio description, to radio drama, promos and continuity. She has a soft Southern Irish voice and her sound is lyrical, warm, calm and smooth. She takes direction easily and can quickly interpret the branding quality you require.


I am delighted to welcome Aileen as the first female Continuity Writer/Announcer on History. Her sophisticated writing and smooth tones have added new depth and character to the channel, plus she is an absolute joy to work with.
Esme Irani, Continuity Production Coordinator, A+E Networks

From an engineering point of view, Aileen has a very clear voice, with perfect diction, good microphone technique, and great presence, which makes my life very easy. From the client side, she takes direction, she turns up on time, and can deliver a script with ease, whether that's an end line or a corporate video script with lots of technical language. To sum up Aileen is a consummate professional,and always a joy to work with.
Noel Storey, CEO Beacon Studios, Dublin

As soon as we heard Aileen’s gorgeous voice we knew that she would be perfect for Eden. On top of this, her scripts are always of a high standard and delivered on time. Aileen bends over backwards to help us out and is always happy to voice other channels if needed. She is a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended.
Kirsty Hindmarsh, Continuity and Navigation Planner, Factual for UKTV

Aileen is a pleasure to work with, experienced and professional. Her dedication and research skills show in her writing, whilst her smooth and enchanting voice delivers wonderful mysterious tones for AMC, creating a tranquil atmosphere for our viewers.
Sara Davison, Continuity Manager, AMC Networks International